Oct 252014

So what is this Token Journal thing?

Well, it’s a journal that you use to collect tokens. The clue is in the name 🙂

Okay, funny guy, so what tokens are you talking about?

Aha, now you’re asking the right question.

There are 7 tokens that you can collect throughout the course of the oddball Aeronauts : Double the Trouble Kickstarter. These tokens are little stickers of different bots which represent the actions you’ll have to perform in order to get them.

Now we’re getting somewhere. So what actions will I have to do?

Well we’ll be announcing the full details of exactly what each action is in updates during the Kickstarter. But here’s the list of the tokens with a summary of their actions.


Take part in our online Puzzle Quest Thing!


Simple and non-spammy social media and game site interaction to help spread the word


Post a Photo of playing oddball Aeronauts showing off its ‘Play Anywhere’ feature, such as on holiday, on a bus etc


Help raise oddball Aeronauts’ profile on amazon, boardgamegeek and the like


Create and post “fan” fiction, art or something simpler such as contributing character ideas or gadget ideas or colouring in one of Lloyd’s line arts or . . .


Play in the League of Extra-oddball Aeronauts – an online game of oddball Aeronauts!

Hang on, that’s only 6 tokens.

That’s right because to get the 7th token you have to have gained all of those 6. If you get all 6, you’ll get the 7th as a bonus – a nice, shiny metallic gold sticker token!

Ooooh, Shiny! Mmmmm!


Okay, okay. So I guess the journal is for sticking the tokens on?

You got it! There’s space on the journal for all 7 tokens and you can then keep the token journal with your copy of the game as a memento of the Kickstarter.

Cool. How do I opt in?

As soon as you complete the first action for the first token then you’ll have opted in. When you complete an action, just email us with the details or provide a link to the ‘evidence’ and we’ll keep a record of your achievements. We’ll let you know what email to use in the updates.

Righty-ho! So what’s the first action?

You’ll have to look out for this in our updates and as the updates go live we’ll link to those updates on this page so you can always find them easily.

What, no hints?

Well, I can let you know that, no, no hints 🙂


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