Nov 302014

Original Art Cards

As part of our Kickstarter project we are offering custom cards with original art:

As a Hero or Legend backer you will be able to get original card art by our resident artist Lloyd Ash Pyne. This means you will have a card or cards with oddball Aeronauts art on it that no-one else will have: one-of-a-kind, unique artwork for your oddball Aeronauts deck.


At the Hero levels, alongside the other listed rewards, you will get original Captain art:

  • HERO – 1x custom Captain card for the Faction of your choice
  • HERO RIVALS – 2x Captain cards, each for the Faction of your choice

As a Legend, alongside the other listed rewards, you will get original Airship art for the faction of your choice:

  • LEGEND RIVALS – 2x original Airships art to appear on the backs of all core cards for two factions

The first thing we’ll do after the Kickstarter ends is work on the expansion set itself and get the files off to the printers. After this milestone we’ll turn our attention to the custom cards.

The Original Art Process

1. The Survey

The first thing we’ll do is send you a survey. The survey will find out from you all Lloyd Ash needs to know to begin the concept sketching.

We’ll need you to decide on things like Faction, Species, Attire & Gear.

In the survey, we’ll provide a list of options to choose from though you can always make suggestions in keeping with the world and Lloyd will try to incorporate them.

2. The Concept

Based on the results of the survey Lloyd will sketch a concept for you to give feedback on. He’ll use that feedback to refine the concept which you’ll be able to give further feedback on. After this second round of feedback he’ll create the final A5 pencil sketch. This is the original sketch that will be sent to you.

3. Line work

With the final sketch worked out the line work can begin. Once done this will be offered for feedback and any small tweaks will be made as needed. This will result in the final line work, ready for colour.

4. Colour

Colours in keeping with the Faction will be the basis of the final colour art. Your input here is welcome also. Perhaps a pattern or tattoo can be effectively added? Do you favour one colour in the faction’s palette strongly over another?

5. The Card

Your art and captain’s name will be imported and integrated into the card design (which takes a little longer than it sounds).

The final Captain card will then be printed and sent to you, along with the original signed sketch.

And once you get your mitts on that then we’ll consider your reward fulfilled.

Notes on the Rewards

The Final Art

We’ll keep the art/ design on file for posterity and for limited use in promotion and marketing (retaining all copyrights) but never will your card/ deck be made available for sale to anyone but yourself unless you explicitly give us permission otherwise.


All the rules for custom names that apply to Ace Pilot captains apply here also.

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