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Custom Captain Card

As part of our Kickstarter project we are offering custom cards:

In the game each Faction comes with a Captain card. As a Paint Your Own Captain backer you will get an additional custom card.

This is your chance to get your own oddball Aeronauts fan art onto a custom card. This can be either line art of an existing character you’ve coloured or an oddball Aeronaut character you’ve drawn yourself.

Thanks to Cian, age 9 for the colour art

Briefly, the process is as follows:

  1. Either i. Choose and colour in one of the existing character line arts or ii. Create an original art work of an oddball Aeronaut
  2. Name your Captain
  3. Send us your art and chosen name before 31st December 2014
The Art

You have two main options when creating your oddball artwork for your Paint Your Own Captain custom card:

Option 1: If you have pledged at this level you can browse the line art available to you in our dropbox lineart folder. Choose a character, download the line art and colour it in. Feel free to add a hat, badge or whatever else will suit an oddball Realms steampunk fantasy anthro character!

Option 2: Create your own character art. This can be either fan art of an existing oddball Aeronauts character or an original oddball Aeronauts character. You can devise this character yourself or pay an artist to make it for you (which we will need to verify). See below for a note on copyright and artwork suitability.

Keep in mind that the final piece will be placed into the picture space which is taller than it is wide – this measures in at 38 x 66mm safe space. You can create an image larger than this but keep in mind the space it will fill in the end.

Submitting Art

Once finished we’ll need you to send us your art as a digital file. This needs to be:

a flat .png file with a transparent background. It should also be no larger than 1181x700px.

(If you send us your art any other way, additional fees will be charged before we begin work on your custom card.) If your art measures in at 10x6cm at 300 dpi (dots per inch) before you convert it to a png, it should be the right size.

Your character image will be imported into the final card picture space, sized and positioned to best effect as we see fit. Characters wider than the recommended width may be cropped at the edges so that the final character is a decent size on the finished card. Check out existing officer or captain cards for examples of how the finished custom card could look.

It is advised that you do not add a background. Anything outside the lines of the character will be copy/pasted along with the character, unedited. The file proportions are not the same as the image space on the card. Keep this ‘background’ space transparent.

We’ll let you know where to send your finished art and chosen name in the backer survey.

The Card

We’ll use your art and name to create your one of a kind custom Captain card, which will be sent out to you when it’s ready.

A Note on Names

Please keep all names in English, child-friendly (PG-rated) and free of copyrights, trademarks & symbols (the dash and apostrophe are okay to use).

So that the names will fit onto the card you will also need to keep them under a certain number of characters long, including spaces (and without too many ‘m’s or ‘w’s).

Nickname: 17 characters at most. Such nicknames as Sir Whatsit, Snuggles or PomPom are fair examples. If you don’t supply a nickname or wish not to have one we will use the default ‘Captain’.

Full Name: 32 characters at most. Jeff ‘Bananas’ Blake, Simone Smythe Sprinklewater, Kath ‘Tomato Splat’ Smithersmith or Bobetta Fluffmuzzle for example.

Have fun choosing yours!

Note: We won’t accept duplicate names lifted from the Halls of Fame unless you are the original backer who submitted the name through our previous Kickstarter.

A Note on Print Quality

Your custom Captain card will be printed on the same card stock and with the same finish as those of the expansion set.

We have seen prototypes from our custom card providers and we are very happy with the quality of these. However, you should be aware that from print run to print run there is the possibility of a variance in colours and so the custom cards may differ slightly in colour from those of the standard sets. This is just the reality of printing things: a result of the way the inks are mixed.

As such you may or may not see a difference between your custom card and the standard game cards.

A Note on Copyright and Suitability of Artwork

The copyright of the artwork remains the property of the artist and by sending us the artwork you are giving us permission to use the artwork to create a custom card with it that we will send to you as part of the Paint Your Own Captain reward.

The responsibility remains with you, the backer, to ensure that you have permission to use the artwork in this wise and will not hold us liable for any breach of copyright incurrred, accidental or otherwise.

We reserve the right to refuse any artwork we deem unacceptable or in breach of intellecutal property as we see fit.

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