Oct 212014

Custom Crew Card

As part of our Kickstarter project we are offering custom cards:

As a Motley Crew backer you will get three copies of a custom card that you can use in deckcrafting your faction deck: your Motley Crew card.

Your custom card will be made up of crew or / and officer characters from any faction.

After you’ve rounded up your group of disparate fellows, you’ll just need to come up with a name for your new crew. ‘The Mashed Taters’, ‘the Penny Wrigglers’, ‘Gordon’s Divers’ or the like.

If you pledge at the Motley Crew level we’ll need to know which art and name you’d like for your custom crew card in the backer survey at the end of the project.

Briefly, the process is as follows:

  1. Choose any three Crew or Officer art from any Faction for your new Motley Crew, drawing from the choices found in this card samples folder on Dropbox:
  2. Decide which faction you’d like your Motley Crew to belong to: Mechinauts, Free Kingdoms, Pirates or Pendragon *
  3. Name your Motley Crew

* The crew card type for each faction are as follows: Pendragon ‘Cannoneers’; Pirate ‘Deckers’; Free Kingdoms ‘Deck Runners’; & Mechinauts ‘RigRiggers’.

After the ‘oddball Aeronauts: Double the Trouble’ Kickstarter project has ended we’ll send out backer surveys. Enter your art choices and custom name into your survey at this time.

We’ll use your choices to create your custom card, which will be sent out to you when it’s ready. This custom card will be in addition to the unaltered, standard Double the Trouble Set.

Given that you’ll need to enter your choices into the survey at the project’s end it follows that you have until just after the project ends (ie when we send out the surveys) to make your choices.

A Note on Names

Please keep all names in English, child-friendly (PG-rated) and free of copyrights, trademarks & symbols (the dash and apostrophe are okay to use).

So that the name will fit onto the card you will also need to keep it to less than 27 characters long, including spaces, (and without too many ‘m’s or ‘w’s).

In the oddball Realms, names are commonly quirky: ‘The Ha Ha Has’, ‘Bouncy Biff’s Bandits’, The Indominatables’, ‘the Grinning Eggwhisks’ and so on are typical Motley Crew names.

Have fun choosing yours!

A Note on Print Quality

Your custom card will be printed on the same card stock and with the same finish as those of the expansion set.

We have seen prototypes from our custom card providers and we are very happy with the quality of these. However, you should be aware that from print run to print run there is the possibility of a variance in colours and so the custom cards may differ slightly in colour from those of the standard sets. This is just the reality of printing things: a result of the way the inks are mixed.

As such you may or may not see a difference between your custom card and the standard set’s cards.

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