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Custom Captain Cards

As part of our Kickstarter project we are offering custom cards:

In the game each Faction comes with a Captain card. As an Ace Pilot backer you will get an additional 2 custom Captain cards with your choice of captain art and name on them. So it’ll be up to you whether you play with the original cards or your own custom Captains.

If you pledge at the Ace Pilot level we’ll need to know which art and name you’d like for your custom captain cards.

Briefly, the process is as follows:

  1. Choose one of the Captain art variants from the Rogue Captains Gallery below*
  2. Name your Captain
  3. Do this for both factions
  4. Tell us your choices in the backer survey

* The Captains in the base set are the Lady of Aeries and the Explorian. If we hit our first stretch goal the additional Captains will be the Lord of Ranges and the Rumblester.

We’ll use your choices to create your custom cards, which will be sent out to you when they are ready.

Given that you’ll need to enter your chosen captain names into the survey at the project’s end it follows that you have until just after the project ends (ie when we send out the surveys) to make your choices. Late survey submissions may result in us having to send you two default rogue captain cards instead so be sure to whip up those names and art choices and get them to us with time to spare!

A Note on Names

Please keep all names in English, child-friendly (PG-rated) and free of copyrights, trademarks & symbols (the dash and apostrophe are okay to use).

Each Ace Pilot Captain has two names, a full name and a nickname.

So that the names will fit onto the card you will also need to keep them under a certain number of characters long, including spaces (and without too many ‘m’s or ‘w’s).

Nickname: 17 characters at most. Such nicknames as Sir Whatsit, Snuggles or PomPom are fair examples. If you opt not to give your captain a nickname we will use the default captain type: eg. ‘Lady of Spires’ or ‘Explorian’.

Full Name: 32 characters at most. Jeff ‘Bananas’ Blake, Simone Smythe Sprinklewater, Kath ‘Tomato Splat’ Smithersmith or Bobetta Fluffmuzzle for example.

Have fun choosing yours!

Note: We won’t accept duplicate names lifted from the Halls of Fame unless you are the original backer who submitted the name through our previous Kickstarter.

A Note on Print Quality

Your custom Captains will be printed on the same card stock and with the same finish as those of the expansion Set.

We have seen prototypes from our custom card providers and we are very happy with the quality of these. However, you should be aware that from print run to print run there is the possibility of a variance in colours and so the custom cards may differ slightly in colour from those of the standard sets. This is just the reality of printing things: a result of the way the inks are mixed.

As such you may or may not see a difference between your custom cards and the standard set’s cards.

Rogue Captains Gallery

We have included the captains from the Expansion Set (Lady of Aeries and Explorian) in the gallery so that you can choose to have that art on your custom card with your unique Captain’s name, should you wish.

If we hit our first stretch goal we will be sending all backers at the Pilot level and above the Lord of Ranges and Rumblester as additional, bonus Captain cards, with their default names.

Free Kingdoms Captains

Lady of Aeries

Dragonhawks are a great status symbol in the Free Kingdoms and the finest are coaxed into aeries and trained by the Aerie Keepers or noble patrons such as the Lady of Aeries.

It is said that a Lady is capable of seeing through the eyes of their dragonhawk companion and can sometimes be heard speaking in their tongue, which is kind of weird if you’re not used to it.

Lord of Fjords

The Sky Fjords are the highest of the domains and full of dangers to catch the unwary or unprepared.

The Lords of Fjords rightly have no fear of sailing their craft within touching distance of cliffs, through gorges and clashing rocks and enjoy the wind through their fur or feathers more than most.

Lord of Ranges

The Forest Meadows are a rambling place, sometimes literally and a Lord of Ranges moves with the terrain as they are want.

They know friend from foe-tree, sleeping hill to waking crag and run fully armed airships ready to oppose any such thing that may prove a danger to their kingdom.

Lady of Spires

Originally of the burrows, these Captains have given in to their winderlust and taken to the skies on magiqh wings devised by the cleverest minds in the Free Kingdoms.

Most of their ‘off’ time is spent looking for the things needed to repair or craft new wings as these things are rare indeed.

Mechinaut Captains


An exclusive group of exploranauts who do not abide by the rules of Imperial expeditions, Explorians in no wise ever claim anything in the Pendragon’s name.

They are prone to falling into cahoots with outcasts and outlaws and for some reason many have taken up the Mechinauts cause.


The Farthingsters are a group of extreme cyclists, known for their wreckless tricks and their lack of restraint when it comes to where they will cycle.

Such fellows have exceptional balance and can be found hurtling around the decks of airships and across the rooftops of buildings, accompanied by navi-bots with an equal desire to live fast and dangerously.


Troubadorians are street minstrels who have taken up magiqh instruments designed to cause interesting effects around them.

Their trumpalumpets are capable on one hand of screeching, whining and farting with potion dispensers even adding interesting aromas to the deal. And on another they can blast sound waves like fists or walls at foes or into sagging sails.


An underground group of golem masters who pit their beloved creations against each other in secret ‘Knockout’ clubs across the Realms.

Golems are trained to mimic, follow and even act beyond the immediate actions of their masters. On airships this translates to excellent brawling techniques but in Knockout contests they can excel in flower arranging, assault courses, gymnastics, origami and more.

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